Dumhi (dumb high) has always been a revolving cast of artists, emcees, singers, and beatmakers. Each project has had a slightly different team that contributed to its creation. 'SEVEN THIRTY' is no different.

Here is a little bit about each of us involved this go ‘round.

Ethel Cee is a widely respected Emcee from Philadelphia, PA. I am too biased to write this… but she is awesome. Her 2010 “Dirty Samples Ep” (entirely produced by Fel Sweetenberg) is quietly a Philly Hip Hop classic. Her live show is bananas and she has proven it opening for Little Brother, Sean Kuti, Reef the Lost Cauze, and Sean Price, amongst MANY others. She is the founder of SPREAD, an annual fundraising event which has benefited worthy causes including HIV research and local community groups. And she brings the party to you regularly hosting events in the Philly area with her DJ, Ultraviolet. EC has also been a huge part of Dumhi for the past few years, appearing on ‘The Whole World’s Watching’, ‘The Jungle’, and performing live with us and Side Effect throughout last summer. And of course, she provides all of the lyrics and vocals on 'Seven Thirty'. Bad assed.

Jason LoVullo is currently the Bassist for NY based original roots reggae band, International Generation. For the last three years or so, Jason has been an integral part of the Dumhi live show and has contributed to several studio songs and projects including ‘The Whole World’s Watching’ and ‘The Side Effect Ep’. On ‘Seven Thirty’, Jason adds bass to ‘Lost’ and ‘Coke & Yoga’ and guitar to ‘Last Hurrah’.

David Blakk is crazy. But he can do just about anything he puts his mind to. Dave was instrumental in getting “Seven Thirty” off the ground. A computer virus almost wiped the whole project out. TWICE. Dave saved the day both times. He also did a crazy job with the ‘Coke & Yoga’ single artwork and was clutch with photoshop down the stretch. And of course the PMA.

Kevin 'chuise' Jackson is the chief artist and designer for Dumhi.com. He has been contributing art and design help since I met him back in 2003. Album covers, CD design, T-shirt design, he has done everything we could think to ask of him. He also created the web site for Dumhi.com. He is the Marketing Dept.

Haj is the primary beat maker and founder of Dumhi.com. I've been experimenting with music and collaging for more than 10 years now and have self-released at least a dozen projects during that time. Writing about myself is a little like throwing my own birthday party though. It's cool and I understand why people do it but, it is really not for me.

That said, deciding to adopt music as a hobby has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am very proud of the creativity and accomplishment along the way but it is the people I have met and the friends that I have made that have really made this time so great. It is a privilege to once again work with artists of this quality. And it is an honor to call these people my friends.

The entire Dumhi.com discography is listed below.

Thanks for being here.


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The Whole World's Watching (2011)
Lyrics & Vocals by Elucid, Side Effect, Ethel Cee, Reef the Lost Cauze, King Magnetic, Random, Scanz, Sean Price, Burke the Jurke.
Produced by Haj.
Additional Guitar/Bass by Jason LoVullo & Marco Hill.
Photography & Design by Kevin ‘Chuise’ Jackson.

The Jungle (2010)
Lyrics & Vocals by Reef the Lost Cauze, Elucid, Random, Ethel Cee, Che Grand, Jermiside, Flud, Burke the Jurke, Oxygeen.
Produced by Haj.
Photography & Design by Kevin ‘Chuise’ Jackson.

Flowers (2009)
Lyrics & Vocals by Flud, Signifire, JohnBlake, Jermiside, Sabrina Cuie, Donwill, ShamelessPlug and Mon.
Produced by Haj.
Art & Design by Haj & MicheleQJ.
Photography by Zoe Grey & Jimmy Giambrone.

Yoga at Home (2008)
Lyrics & Vocals by Sadat X, Che Grand, Kay of the Foundation, Soulbrotha, Doap Nixon, Random, Trek Life, Von Pea, Jermiside, Reef the Lost Cauze.
Produced by Haj.
Art & Design by Ihsan Amin.
Photography by Jimmy Giambrone.

Digital Only and Other Dumhi Projects:

The Side Effect Ep (2011)
Lyrics and Vocals by Side Effect.
Additional Vocals by Sick Six, Biz Mighty, JO the Last Man, Elucid, Random, Jermiside, Baby Blak.
Produced by Haj, Jason LoVullo.
Additional Guitar/Bass by Jason LoVullo & Marco Hill.
Art & Design by David Blakk.
Photography by Marco Hill.

Indian Summer (2009)
Lyrics and Vocals by ShamelessPlug, Jermiside, Flud, Mash Comp, Vex, Al Mighty, Che Grand, Donwill, Random, John Bap, Dn3.
Produced by Haj, Roger Riddle, Dn3.
Additional Guitar by Marco Hill.
Art and Design by Objektiv1.

Fermented Spirits (2008)
Lyrics and Vocals by MicheleQJ.
Additional vocals by Soulbrotha, Donwill, Von Pea.
Produced by Haj, MicheleQJ.
Art and Design by MicheleQJ.

3 Seats from Heaven (2007)
Lyrics and Vocals by ShamelessPlug, Mash Comp, Flud, JohnBlake, Vex, Brown, NY Oil, Jermiside.
Produced by Haj.
Art and Design by MicheleQJ.

They Call Me Bruce (2006)
Lyrics and Vocals by ShamelessPlug, Mash Comp, Flud, Brown, Che Grand, Von Pea, Cyren Young and more.
Produced by Haj.
Art & Design by Monkey Toed Abu.